Lawson Express-Jet CTS Imaging System

Hi-Definition Screen Imaging for the Garment or Commercial Printer

The Lawson Express-Jet CTS (computer-to-screen) Imaging System includes a robust, industrial ink jet printer, along with the RIP software necessary to image any size screen up to 25” x 36” O.D. Lawson’s unique master frame carrier easily adjusts to fit all the standard frame sizes (20” x 24”, 20” x 28”, 23” x 31”, 25” x 36”) and any profile frame as well (square or roller).

The Lawson Express-Jet CTS is, perhaps, the easiest to use of all the ink jet imaging devices available in the marketplace. It is shipped fully assembled, and can be ready to print within hours after arrival in your shop.

By incorporating Ricoh Gen IV print head technology you can print halftones up to 85 line, select your dot shape, resolution and ink deposit. Black dye, with special UV inhibitors, ensures a dark, crisp image every time. Image quality is far superior to Epson-based film prints, or hot-wax devices that cannot deliver the small dot resolution the Express-Jet can.



Basic Advantages of CTS

Computer-to-Screen imaging (CTS) can vastly improve and increase screen throughput in your shop. It will improve efficiency, lower cost, increase production, and enhance your print quality. No more film positives, expensive cartridges, throw-away print heads, storage and the screens always remain in perfect registration from exposure to press.

Key Advantages of CTS Technology

  • Elimination of Film Cost
  • Perfect Screen-to-Press Registration
  • Better Print Resolution
  • Faster Exposure Times
  • No Pinholes in Screen
  • Digital Work Flow Control
  • Fewer Processing Steps
  • Quality Image Improvement
  • Faster On-Press Set-Up & Registration

Unique Advantages of the Lawson Express-Jet/CTS vs. the Competition

  • Larger Image Area: 20" x 28"*
  • Instant Ink-to-Screen Drying
  • Compatable with All On-Press Registration Systems
  • Faster Imaging Speeds
  • Economical Bulk Ink-Feed
  • Open Screen Loading & Visable Printing Area
  • Use Any Size Screen wtih Adjustable Master Frame
  • Rugged, Industrial Design
  • Use Your Own Computer
  • Easy Access Component Panels
  • Affordable Price

    *When printing with 1 print head; 20" x 24" when printing with a 3H System.

See how much money you can save with the Lawson Express-Jet/CTS:

Screens Used Per:
25 125 6,500
50 250 13,000
75 375 19,500
100 500 26,000
Film & Labor Costs
(Per Screen)
$1.50 / $4.20
$1.45 / $4.20
$1.35 / $4.20
$1.20 / $4.20
Annual Savings
$9,750 $27,300 $37,050
$18,850 $54,600 $73,450
$26,325 $81,900 $108,225
$31,200 $109,200 $140,400


Time Savings Per/Screen
- Film-to-Screen Alignment: 2 min/screen  
- Exposure Time: 1 min/screen  
- Re-Touching Time: 2 min/screen  
- On-Press Registration: 5 min/screen  
- Time Saved: 10 min/screen  
Labor Savings - The Math
- 10 Minutes of Labor Savings per/Screen
- Shop Time @ $25.00 per/hr. ($0.42 per/min.)
- Per/Screen Labor Savings = $4.20
Even if you cut the Labor Savings in half,
look at the amazing savings you achieve!


Standard Features

Standard Features

  • Robust Industrial Design
  • Open Access, Easy Frame Loading
  • Adjustable Frame Holder: Use and size screen up to 25" x 36"
  • Large 20" x 28"* Image Area
  • Automatic Air-Frame Locks
  • 3-Point Frame Registration
  • Automatic Head Maintenance
  • Water-Based UV Blocking Ink
  • Print up to 1200 x 1200 Resolution
  • Reproduce 85 Line Halftones
  • Color-Print Rip Software Included
  • Adjustable Leveling Pads
  • Shipped Fully Assembled
  • 120 Volt, Standard Plug-In Wiring
  • 1-Year " Bumper-to-Bumper" Parts Warranty

    *When printing with 1 print head; 20" x 24" when printing a 3H System

    Custom Sizes Upon Request

Optional Features

Optional Features

  • Ultra-Fast 2 or 3-Print Head Imaging
  • Floor Casters
  • Newman Pin-Registration
  • MHM Pin-Registration
  • Lawson 3-Point On-Press Registration Guide
  • Additional RIP Licenses
  • Extended Parts & Labor Warranties
  • Custom Sizes on Request
  • Pro-Coat Emulsion Coater



 CTS #2028Commemts
Maximum Frame Profile 2" x 2.5" works w/almost any profile frame
Maximum Frame Size 25" x 36" custom sizes upon request
Overall Size (L x W x H) 70" x 72" x 49" uncrated size
Number of Industrial Print Heads    
Operating System Windows  
Screens Per Shift* 1-H = 180; 2-H = 310; 3-H = 430 more or less, depending on settings
Electrical Voltage 120 dedicated line required
Phase 1  
Amps 10  
Ink System    
Est.Machine Weight (LBS)    
Shipping Crate Size 86" x 86" x 62" tall  
Est. Shipping Weight 1,500 lbs  


*Production Rates may vary based on printer settings and other shop conditions

Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Buy

  • Faster Imaging: Our Express-Jet/CTS is much faster than all Epson-based conversions, faster than all hot-wax printers, and other Ricoh-based printer – because our firing frequency, active pressure control and X-motion speeds are all faster than the competition.

  • Larger Print Area/Higher Resolution: Our larger 20” x 28” image/print area allows you make larger prints, and our 1200 x 1200 resolution setting allows you to print up to 85 line halftones.

  • No Heat Build-Up: When compared to hot-wax imaging devices, our Express-Jet/CTS uses no heat to fire the ink droplets. As a result, there is no need to keep extra print heads on hand, and pay for expensive wax blocks, or expensive technicians to change the print head every 6 – 9 months.

  • More Versatile: The Lawson Express-Jet/CTS utilizes an adjustable “master frame chase” so you can use almost any size screen you want – and you can adjust it in seconds from automatic to manual size frames. We have no clumsy "mesh support box" to remove, replace and adjust - it's not necessary with the Lawson.

  • Full-View Printing: You can always see exactly what our CTS is printing, as we utilize an open print carriage.

  • Lowest Operational Cost: Lawson uses a special dye/ink that dries quickly, is highly opaque and is low cost. It is 1/10th the price of wax systems. - and only costs about 1-2 cents per/screen.

  • Easier Maintenance: All our components are easy to see and reach, including our encoder strip, ink pump, and filters. And our head tending/maintenance station is much easier to access than our competition.

  • Use Your Own Computer: That's right, with our CTS you get to use your own computer, so you remain in control of your workstation, software programs, user rights and more.

  • 120 Volt, Standard Plug-In Wiring: Plug-In anywhere using standard 120 volt outlets, with a standard cord supplied by Lawson. No need for 220 volts, special outlets, special fuses, or an electrician! We use less than 5 Amps to operate.

  • Best Warranty: The Lawson Express-Jet/CTS offers a complete 1-Year parts warranty.

  • Best Price & Value: The Lawson Express-Jet/CTS is thousands less than all our same-class competitors, and much less than hot-wax printers. When comparing price, speed and operational cost, nothing comes close to a Lawson. We even offer a Meet, Beat or Treat Price Guarantee!

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Equipment Images

direct to screen printer

The Express-Jet/CTS offers a larger print/imaging area - 20" x 28" with no-tool adjustments for various size screens.

Quickly adjust for 20" x 24", 20" x 28", 23" x 31" and 25" x 36" frames - any style: stretch-n-glue, roller-frame, or panel-frames.

Print head(s) are protected against accidential damage.

Bulk ink container/reservoir

Rip Software included


Computer-To-Screen Printer

Screens are easy to load and lock in place.

Compatable with all 3-point, on-press registration systems.

All components are easily accessible for maintenance. Example, encoder strip can be cleaned in seconds.

CTS Printer

Easy-to-adjust master frame fits almost any size and style screen - total accessibility on all sides.

Rugged design.

CTS Printer with LED-5000 Overhead - Glamour Shot

LED-5000 CTS Overhead Exposure Unit

Shown here with the optional LED-5000 CTS Overhead unit attached.

Note the titled positioning of the LED-5000 unit - the angle of use is fully adjustable to the operator's preference.

CTS Printer with LED-5000 Overhead - Glamour Shot with Model

Another view with the operator next to the unit to show scale.

CTS Printer with LED-5000 Overhead - Loading a Screen

View of a screen being loaded in to be exposed in the LED-5000 CTS Overhead.

Typical exposure times are between 8 - 20 seconds, depending on emulsion, mesh and coating techniques.

CTS Printer with LED-5000 Overhead - Loading a Screen, Side View

Side view of a screen being loaded in to be exposed in the LED-5000 CTS Overhead.

The screen does not slid forward at all, after inserting.

CTS Printer with LED-5000 Overhead - Control Panel Closeup

Closeup of the control panel for the LED-5000 CTS Overhead. Featured is a digital controller that can store up to 100 adjustable exposure times.

Room temperature is also displayed.


Equipment Videos


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