Screen Printing Equipment
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  • LED-5000 Exposure Unit

    LED-5000 Exposure Unit

    Faster Exposures
    Save Energy – No Heat Build -Up
    3-Year Lamp Warranty
    Best Pricing in the Industry

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  • Epson F2000 DTG

    Epson F2000 DTG

    Print small orders with no set-up costs.
    Print light or dark garments for under $2.00

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  • Pro-Coat Emulsion Coater

    Pro-Coat Emulsion Coater

    Quality printing demands quality screens
    Fast, efficient, consistent & affordable screens

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  • Start-Up Screen Printing Packages

    Start-Up Screen Printing Packages

    Everything you need to start your own business
    Equipment, supplies and training
    From $995.00 up

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  • Automatic T-Shirt Printing

    Automatic T-Shirt Printing

    Tired of printing by hand? Back and arms hurt?
    Make screen printing fun again!
    Affordable automation with Lawson.

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  • CTS/DTS – Computer-to-Screen Imaging

    CTS/DTS – Computer-to-Screen Imaging

    Save money, same time, improve quality
    Image screens up to 25” x 36”
    Starting at $39,995.00

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  • On Sale!
    All LED Exposure Units, Epson DTG F2000 & Mini-Max Auto

    Replace your old metal halide. Become a DTG printer. Automate your 1 & 2 color printing.

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  • Tech Tips:
    Avoiding Pinholes

    Eliminate Pinholes in your screens! Follow these steps and you can ensure a consistent, pinhole-free stencil every time.

  • Screen Printing Equipment

    We are your complete screen printing equipment company. Lawson offers you a complete range of screen printing machines from simple manual silkscreen presses to advanced, but easy-to-use automatic silkscreen presses. Mini-Max 2-Color Automatic only $8,995.00

  • Digital Printing Equipment

    Industrial grade digital printing solutions from Lawson include ink jet, direct-to-garment, direct-to-substrate, computer to screen, pre-treat sprayers and dryers. Our equipment is backed with industry leading support.

  • Screen & Imaging Supplies

    Visit our online store for Silkscreen and Digital Imaging Supplies. Lawson has a huge variety of plastisol inks, water-based textile inks, direct-to-garment inks, heat transfer inks, silk screens, emulsions, and screen cleaning supplies.

  • Epson F2000 DTG

    If you are looking for the easiest Direct-to-Garment printer to set-up, operate, and maintain, then the all new Epson F2000 DTG printer is the ideal printer for you! It is designed to be used at home, at work, and even at event-site locations.

  • Printing & DTG Training
    Printing & DTG Training

    Printing & DTG Training

    Our informative classes are designed to give you stellar hands-on experience with supplies and equipment, providing you with valuable information on the technology and techniques that you can put to amazing use for your business.

  • LED-5000 Exposure Unit

    The Lawson LED-5000 Exposure Unit combines rapid exposure with energy efficiency, ease-of-use and reliability. It is also much less expensive than a metal-halide exposure unit, requires no maintenance, and the LEDs emit zero heat.