An Apparel Designer's Gold Rush - Election Year

I live in a "swing state". For this election, that means, my vote is one both candidates seek, and my mailbox is full of direct mail flyers, the phone is constantly ringing, and the TV ads are overwhelming.

For apparel decorators, it means money!

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Your Inner Voice Shirt

Your Inner Voice Shirt - Changing the world, one screen printed shirt at a time

I read somewhere that “What you say to your child becomes their inner voice.” This resonated with me, as I navigate the roller coaster of parenting a pre-teen daughter.

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Legal Minute: How the New Labor Laws Affect Screen Printers


One important, but often neglected area, of managing a successful screen print shop is Human Resources (HR). For the screen printer and small business owner these responsibilities often fall upon you. The multiple roles we small business owners fulfill include staying informed about changes in local, state, and federal laws.

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Competitive Cooperation: The Secret to Maximizing Profits

Conventional business wisdom is ruthless. It tells us to make no friends: that our competition is the enemy. Many traditional screen printers operated under this philosophy.

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Turning The Odd Iguana Into Repeat Sales

The sale actually occurs when your customer is sitting around their own place thinking, "I really need to get a batch of shirts made for my Iguana Appreciation Club." Job. Sold. But how do you bring that particular screen printing job into your shop, instead of letting it go to a competitor down the street?

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Introducing, Taylor Landesman, VP

David & Ben Landesman, Co-Presidents of Lawson Screen & Digital Products, are pleased to announce the addition of Taylor Landesman, their Nephew and Son respectively, as Lawson's new Vice President.

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