Pre-Press & Auxiliary Equipment

Lawson manufactures and distributes a wide range of auxiliary & pre-press items for your screen printing needs. Whether it is an exposure unit, washout sink, high pressure washer, screen stretcher, or a spot cleaning gun – we have it all! Lawson Exposure Units are among the most powerful, yet energy efficient units available.

Lawson rust-proof Sinks are designed specifically for screen washout, emulsion & ink reclaiming. All Lawson sinks are made from chemical and corrosion resistant Polypropylene and/or stainless steel.

Dip Tanks, Screen Stretchers, Screen Drying Closets, High-Pressure Washers and many other pre-press items are available. Custom items, sizes and designs upon request.

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Screen Exposure Units

Screen Cleaning, Sinks and Reclaming Equipment

Pre-Press Screen Equipment - Drying, Coating, Registration

Drying Racks

Screen Printing Frames, Screen Stretching & Related Accessories

Squeegees & Floodbars for Manual & Automatic Presses and Squeegee Sharpeners

Shop Equipment & Misc.


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