Expo-Light Screen Printing Exposure Unit

Expo Light Exposure Unit

The Lawson Expo-Light is a specially designed balanced-tube exposure unit. It is great for exposing a wide variety of t-shirt screens - line copy and halftones too.

It is shipped fully assembled, ready to use, with the entire light source and vacuum system safely contained within the main housing*. (*the 24" x 31" size has an external vacuum system)

The Expo-Light is compact enough to be easily moved anywhere and uses standard 120-volt, plug-in wiring. The Lawson Expo-Light is fast, consistent and reliable.

Lawson's exclusive instant vacuum draw-down provides positive film-to-screen contact for high resolution exposure. This is a feature that cannot be duplicated without a vacuum. In addition, the Expo-Light's dynamically balanced and focused-beam fluorescent tube system helps ensure good, clean stencil definition, screen after screen.

To add versatility, the Expo-Light can also be used as a light table. Simply place a durable, high-density piece of translucent fiberglass over the glass exposure surface, flip a switch, and you now have two machines in one! If your new to the screen-making world, don't worry! The Expo-Light exposure unit comes with a complete instruction manual/user guide, is easy to set up, use and maintain.

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Standard Features

  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel
  • 1-1/4-Horsepower Vacuum
  • Adjustable Screen Exposure Timer
  • Automatic Exposure and Vacuum Shut-Off Feature
  • Dynamically Balanced Tubes/Bulbs
  • Focused Light Rays
  • Exposure Calculator Printed on Control Panel
  • Even Light Distribution
  • Instant Vacuum Draw and Release
  • Gas Power Lifter on Vacuum Top
  • Light Table Mode Setting
  • Instant-Start Fluorescent Tubes
  • Non-Reflective Vacuum Blanket
  • Heavy-Duty, Rubber-Flex Vacuum Blanket
  • Bench Model Design
  • 120-Volt, Standard Plug-In Wiring
  • Shipped Fully Assembled
  • One-Year Parts Warranty (Excludes Blanket & Glass)

Standard Sizes

  • 24" x 31"
  • 32" x 48" (our most popular and versatile model)
  • 48" x 72"

  • Custom Sizes on Request


Optional Features

  • Digital Timer
  • Floor Stand
  • Shelves
  • Wheels/Floor Casters
  • Blacklights
  • Spare bulbs
  • Frames
  • Parahex Louver Grid
  • Export Electrics


  • 24 x 31: 37"· wide x 28" deep
  • 32 x 48: 61" wide x 37" deep

Note: allow an additional 4" for hose swing at rear of unit.


Reasons To Buy

  • Film-To-Screen Contact: Lawson uses a 1.25 H.P. Vacuum with an instant vacuum draw. The benefit is increased resolution and minimize distortion because of superior film-to-screen contact.
  • Focused Tube Exposure System: Lawson has designed the optimal tube-to-screen light array for enhanced screen resolution, minimal sawtoothing and faster exposure times.
  • Bench Model or Floor Model
  • Optional Floor Legs Include Screen Storage Capability
  • Portable - Space-Saving Design
  • Economically Priced: Competitive pricing for the budget-minded.
  • Comprehensive, All-Inclusive Parts Warranty
  • 120 Volts, Standard Plug-In Wiring



Expo-Light 2331 Exposure Unit

Expo-Light #2431
Features our special black, anti-reflective "rubber-flex" vacuum blanket, manual or automatic vacuum-draw mode, screen-inspection mode and adjustable exposure timer.

Eight (8) Tube Exposure, balanced light and powerful 1.25 vacuum ensure the best exposure possible in this class of reasonably priced exposure units.

Shown with optional floor legs with screen storage shelves 

Expo-Light 2331 Exposure Unit

Expo-Light #2431


Shown with optional floor legs

Expo-Light 2331 Exposure Unit

Expo-Light #2431 Screen Storage


Store standard 20" x 24" O.D. or 23" x 31" O.D. Frames. Very convienient for the operator to have "ready" screens available.

Expo-Light 3248 Exposure Unit

Expo-Light #3248

Shown with optional floor legs

Expo-Light 3248 Exposure Unit with Pivoting Glass Frame

Expo-Light #3248 with the Pivoting Glass Frame Raised.

Easy to clean BOTH sides of the glass.

Also great for modification when using a CTS (computer-to-screen) imaging device. 

Expo-Light 3248 Exposure Unit Screen Storage

Expo-Light #3248 Screen Storage
Expo-Light Exposure Unit Control Panel

Control Panel - easy-to-use with manual and automatic exposure modes, and screen inspection mode.
Expo-Light Exposure Unit Latch Front Frame Latch, to accommodate frames that don't always lay flat.
Expo-Light Exposure Unit VC-style Control Panel Control Panel - VC-Style with digital exposure timer.



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