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    LED-5000 Vertical CTS Exposure Unit - Pre-Press & Auxiliary Exposure Units

LED-5000 Screen Printing Exposure Units

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The LED-5000 simulates a Metal Halide exposure, and is made in the U.S.A. at our St. Louis factory. It uses state-of-the-art technology, yet is still reasonably priced. Rapid exposure (5,000 watt equivalent light) is combined with energy-efficiency, ease-of-use and reliability.

Its powerful LED Lamps are rich in UV output and are optically balanced to provide exceptionally rapid exposure, especially with SBQ 1-part emulsions, without undercutting and assuring excellent resolution. Consistent exposure is guaranteed by our electronic countdown timer. Accurate light output is always assured because our specially designed LED lamps are guaranteed to last 3 years without loss of light intensity (typical life is 10 years+).

The vacuum frame features a black rubber-flex blanket formulated to resist tearing and pinholes, yet is extremely flexible to conform to the smallest contour, giving firm vacuum contact. The black rubber absorbs light, resulting in a smooth, anti-glare background. A powerful, 1.25 horsepower vacuum motor provides instant vacuum draw-down and immediate film-to-screen contact. The hinged frame has a hydraulic gas lifter to facilitate raising and lowering.

The LED-5000 is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use exposure unit. The control panel is conveniently located in front, and each function is clearly marked to minimize error.

If you are looking for an alternative to expensive exposure units, but still demand hi-resolution halftone reproduction and sharp-edge definition, then the Lawson LED-5000 will serve your needs perfectly. 

Standard Features

  • LED Everlast Lighting Strips (5000 watt metal-halide equivalent)
  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel
  • Digital Timer
  • Programmable Exposure Setting
  • Optimal Light Balance for exceptionally even lighting (similar to point-source lighting)
  • Instant Vacuum Draw and Release
  • 1.25 H.P. Instant Draw Vacuum Motor (optional vacuum pump available on request)
  • Integrated Vacuum Draw and Exposure
  • Multi-Channel Vacuum Chamber
  • Even Light Distribution
  • Gas Power Lifter on Vacuum Top
  • Non-Reflective Vacuum Blanket
  • Heavy-Duty Rubber-Flex Vacuum Blanket
  • Bench Model Design
  • 120 Volts; Standard Plug-In Wiring
  • 5-Amp Draw (exceptionally energy-efficient)
  • Shipped Fully Assembled
  • Warranty: 3-Year LED Lights, 1 Year on all other Parts*

*Excludes glass and blanket, and user negligence/error

Optional Features

  • Floor Stand - with built-in screen storage with 3 shelves.
  • Vacuum Pump (traditional style vacuum pump, used for "ultra-tight" film-to-screen contact) or if you want to expose film next to the inside edge of your screen frame
  • CTS Exposure Option - Expose without the glass
  • Export Electrical Components - for 220 volts

Custom Features/Options Upon Request

  • View Photo Gallery

    • LED 5000: Model Shown #2431

      LED 5000: Model Shown #2431

      One of our most popular models. Great for frames up to 23" x 31" O.D. Shown with optional floor stand
    • LED 5000 4872 Control Panel

      LED 5000 4872 Control Panel

      Upfront, easy-to-use digital control panel.
    • LED 5000 4872

      LED 5000 4872

      This is a photo of the LED-5000 #4872 (shown with the optional vacuum pump)
    • LED 5000 4872

      LED 5000 4872

      The LED-5000 shown with the vacuum lid open. Vacuum rope is shown bunched up in the corner.
    • LED 5000 4872 Hinge

      LED 5000 4872 Hinge

      Gas Assist Lifters
    • LED 5000 2431 with Vacuum Motor

      LED 5000 2431 with Vacuum Motor

      This photos shows our standard Vacuum Motor, holding down the film positive. Notice the vacuum blanket is "soft" around the frame itself, while holding the positive securely in place in the middle of the frame. Lawson "soft-tight" vacuum motor extends the life of the vacuum blanket, while holding the film positive tightly in place.
    • LED-5000 Optional Vacuum Pump Draw

      LED-5000 Optional Vacuum Pump Draw

      Showing the LED-5000 with the Optional Vacuum Pump. Great for speciality printing, caps, pens, mugs and other screens where super tight vacuum draw is critical and/or where the film positive needs to be very near the inside edge of the frame.

    • LED-5000 Combo

      LED-5000 Combo

      This is showing a close up of the LED-5000 Combo CTS/Film exposure unit. Here the screens are shown on top of the glass - exposing film positives.

    • LED-5000 Combo - CTS

      LED-5000 Combo - CTS

      This photo shows the LED-5000 Combo Unit exposing CTS imaged screens. Notice how the front panel hinge down, for easy access to the CTS imaged/exposed screens. Adjustable rails allow for the use of different width screens.

    • LED 5000 Model 4250

      LED 5000 Model 4250

      CTS Combo W Floorstand Closed (old colors shown)
    • LED 5000 Model 4250

      LED 5000 Model 4250

      CTS Combo W Floorstand Open (older colors shown)
    • LED 5000: Model Shown #2431
    • LED 5000 4872 Control Panel
    • LED 5000 4872
    • LED 5000 4872
    • LED 5000 4872 Hinge
    • LED 5000 2431 with Vacuum Motor
    • LED-5000 Optional Vacuum Pump Draw
    • LED-5000 Combo
    • LED-5000 Combo - CTS
    • LED 5000 Model 4250
    • LED 5000 Model 4250

  • View Detailed Specifications

    Real-Life Exposure Times using the LED-5000:

    We used a standard emulsion coater with the Sharp Edge for the following:
    Lawson SBQ-501 Emulsion on 110 mesh with 1 + 1 coating method: 12 seconds
    Lawson Dual-Cure-310 Emulsion on 110 mesh with 1 + 1 coating method: 35 seconds
    Ulano EZ-Film 50 micron on 110 mesh: 32 seconds
    Ulano EZ-Film 50 micron on 140 mesh: 25 seconds
    Ulano EZ-Film 30 micron on 140 mesh: 22 seconds


     Model: #2431Model: #3248Model: #4250Model: #4872
    width x deep x height 36" wide x 28" deep x 12" tall 52" wide x 42" deep x 15" tall 55" wide x 52" deep x 15" tall (41" tall with floor legs) 80" wide x 62" deep x 41" tall
    Weight 150 lbs 235 lbs 265 lbs 402 lbs
    Crated Weight 180 lbs 285 lbs 466 lbs 616 lbs


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