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    The Lawson Focus - CTS - Computer To Screen and Direct to Garment Printers

The Lawson Focus - CTS

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Economical Screen Imaging for the Garment Printer

If you want to save money, valuable time, and eliminate production headaches, like pinholes, and costly registration problems, then the Lawson Focus-CTS is the machine for you.

The Lawson Focus-CTS is the easiest to use of all the ink jet imaging devices available in the marketplace. It is shipped fully assembled, and can be ready to print within hours after arrival in your shop.

The Lawson Focus-CTS (computer-to-screen) Imaging System includes an industrial HP print head, and an adjustable screen clamping system. Use any size screen up to 23" x 31" O.D.

Lawson's master frame carrier adjusts to fit the standard 20" x 24" manual frame, and the standard automatic frame size of 20" x 28" and 23" x 31".

By incorporating HP print head technology you can print halftones up to 55 line. Of course you will need a RIP to run the Focus-CTS... and the RIP is created by CadLink software. It is easy-to-use and can be used with CorelDraw, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Our exclusive Black dye, with special UV inhibitors, ensures a dark, crisp image every time. Image quality is excellent, and you will achieve nearly instant "on-press" registration with Lawson's 3-Point Register Guide, the M&R Tri-Loc or other systems.

Basic Advantages of CTS

Computer-to-Screen imaging (CTS) can vastly improve and increase screen throughput in your shop. It will improve efficiency, lower cost, increase production, and enhance your print quality. No more film positives, or expensive print heads to replace, and you'll achieve perfect screen-to-screen alignment every time - you will always remain in perfect registration from exposure to press.

Key Advantages of CTS Technology

  • Elimination of Film Cost
  • Perfect Screen-to-Press Registration
  • Great Print Resolution
  • Faster Exposure Times
  • No Pinholes in Screen
  • Digital Work Flow Control
  • Fewer Processing Steps
  • Quality Image Improvement
  • Faster On-Press Set-Up & Registration

Unique Advantages of the Lawson FOCUS-CTS vs. the Competition

  • Very Economical Start-Up Costs
  • Out-of-Box Print-n-Play Design (1 Head System). No Set-Up Costs/Expenses
  • Easy User Maintenance: Swappable Cleaning & Capping Station
  • Instant Ink-to-Screen Drying
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Compatible with All On-Press Registration Systems
  • Open Screen Loading & Visible Printing Area
  • Adjustable Master Frame
  • Bench Top Convenience, or Optional Floor Stand
  • Use Your Own Computer

Standard Features

  • HP Print Heads
  • Shipped Fully Assembled
  • Plug-n-Play Design
  • No Installation Required
  • CadLink CTS RIP
  • Use Your Existing Computer

Optional Features

  • Floor Stand/Cabinet
  • 4-Head Production Print System (installation required)
  • View Detailed Specifications

      CTS #1618
    Maximum Frame Profile 2" x 2.5"
    Maximum Frame Size 23" x 31"
    Overall Size (L x W x H) 49" x 40" x 17"
    Number of Industrial Print Heads 1
    Operating System Windows
    Screens Per Shift 75
    Electrical Voltage 120
    Phase 1
    Amps 2
    Ink System Black Dye
    Est. Machine Weight (LBS) 100 lbs
    Shipping Crate Size 55" x 48" x 30"
    Est. Shipping Weight (LBS) 200 lbs

    *Production Rates mar vary based on printer settings and other shop conditions
    **Price, Design & Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice


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