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Advanced Start-Up Screen Printing Package

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ADVANCED SHOP START-UP Kit/PACKAGE Only $10,995.00 - Domestic Crating Included, and Textile Tech Class for two people!

At Lawson we know getting started in the screen printing business can be difficult. So much to buy and remember, with so many things going on around you. That's why we've brought together this collection of essentials screen presses, exposure units and dryers, all as a screen printing system, to make your beginning a little easier. Find the screen system/kit/package that best fits your needs and get started printing t-shirts today.


Standard Features

  • HD-MAX 64 Kit - 6-Color; 4-Station Speed Carousel
  • LED-5000 #2431 - Floor Legs Included
  • Super Flash 16"x16" - w/Temperature Control
  • Encore 2408-2  - Jet-Air/System 2 and Floor Legs Included
  • Textile Tech 2-Day Intensive Hands On School
  • Gallon - HPO-1550 Ultra White
  • Gallon - MC-200 Black
  • Quart - MC-704 Royal Blue
  • Quart - MC-808 Forest Green
  • Quart - MCO-400 Bright Orange
  • Quart - MCO-5140 Rojo Red
  • Quart - MCO-902 Light Gold
  • MSB-100 Clear Soft-Hand Extender
  • 10 Hardwood Spatulas
  • 3 - 110 mesh 20" x 24" OD Aluminum Screens
  • 2 - 158 mesh 20" x 24" OD Aluminum Screens
  • 1 - 180 mesh 20" x 24" OD Aluminum Screens
  • 15" Emulsion Coater
  • Quart - Lawson SBQ 510 Emulsion
  • Lawson Red Coat Screen Block-Out
  • Gallon - SR-45 Stencil Remover
  • Gallon - MD-100 Mesh Degreaser
  • Gallon - PW-305 Screen Wash
  • 5 - 4" Squeegee Cards
  • Blue Blockout Tape 2" x 36 yard - 1 roll
  • Can - Lawson Tex-Tite 1 Mist Adhesive
  • Can - Lawson Tex-Tite 2 Web Adhesive
  • Can - Lawson Tex-Tite 3 Flash Adhesive
  • Can - Lawson Clog Buster
  • 6 - 14" 70 Durometer Squeegees
  • 50 - 14 X 16 White Pellon Test Squares
  • 2 Packs of Thermo-Tel #5 (290oF - 330oF)
  • Garment Printing Made Easy - Workbook
  • 24 Hour Equipment support Hotline

Optional Features

Screen Printing Books & Videos:

Start your essential screen printing reference library with these best-selling books and videos. Tour a working shop and see each step in the job process with the Beginning Garment Screen Printing videoHow To Print T-Shirts for Fun & Profit is designed for the new printer and includes sample forms. Screen making is demonstrated in the Ulano Direct Emulsion video and the mysteries of pricing are explained in the book, Pricing for Profits.  $118

Newman Roller Frames:

Newman Roller Frames can re-tighten mesh when it loses tension. Don't throw away perfectly good mesh just because it lost some tension and doesn't register or slows down your print stroke. MZX manual press - 12, 24 or 36 frame kits include an MZX Tool Kit with SDI Torque Wrench, mesh alignment clips, a 7-130 Newton tension meter, 2 corner softening tools, fabric protectors, written instructions and a roll of Newman Zone Tape.

MZX 23" x 26" OD Frames*
12 Frame Kit $1,366.63
24 Frame Kit $1,864.63
36 Frame Kit $2,362.63

Prices listed apply to frames with a square bar. Contact us for pricing on all roller frames.

20" x 24" O.D. Aluminum Frames:

Aluminum frames are about 1 pound lighter than wood so they're easier to spin and stop. Welded corners ensure they are consistently square. Tensioned under meter control the high quality polyester monofiliment mesh is attached with chemical resistant glue. Add them now and get the best pricing. You choose the mesh counts.

6 frames $143.93 - $195.32
12 frames $287.85 - $382.58
We will back order if we are out of stock

20" x 23" Wooden Frames:

Our wooden frames have glued - tongue and groove corners for maximum strength and are completely coated with poly urethane before mesh is added so they're easy to clean. You know you're going to need more frames.

You choose the mesh counts.
6 frames $114.75 - $163.54
12 frames $229.50 - $320.34
We will back order if we are out of stock.

Supplies/Chemicals Upgrade: 

As your shop develops, you'll need advanced supplies. In this package Add-On you will receive:

  • Folding linen tester for examining screens and prints
  • 4 Goop Scoops for scraping ink from screens and buckets
  • A Bucket Lid Opener
  • Lawson Flat Brushes for degreasing, reclaiming, and ink cleaning
  • For cleaning screen corners, a Lawson Round Brush
  • Press Wash 485 for cleaning screens while on-press without significant emulsion deterioration or breakdown
  • For the toughest ink that blocks the image, Clog Buster screen opener
  • Ink Degradent & Stain Remover ID-360 for faster clean up
  • Milder ID-320 Ink Degradent to remove pesky ink and stains
  • 4- 32oz Chemical Resistant Spray Bottles

Item #700-003-1-PK


Hands-On Training:

Textile Tech 2-Day Intensive Hands-On Screen Printing Class: This intensive two day screen printing workshop offers a broad range of information and hands-on printing experience. This training is great for the beginner. We offer this class monthly at our St. Louis Facility, and by appointment in Atlanta.

Washout Sinks & Equipment:

You will need a washout sink for processing screens after they are exposed, cleaning off ink with degradent and removing the stencil. For tougher stencils you will need a power washer.

Graphic Equipment

Heat Transfer Equipment

Used Equipment

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