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Trooper Automatic T-Shirt Screen Printing Press

A Modular, Flex-Head Automatic with Same Station Print-and-Flash Capability. Automatic textile and t-shirt screen printing is now faster and easier than ever before. Say Hello to increased profits, greater consistency, faster production, automated screen printing, simplicity and peace of mind.

Compete with large shops with automatic screen presses without the big initial expense, space, complexity and overhead.Fully automated print heads combined with an integrated speed carousel ensures pinpoint registration, enhanced speed and minimizes your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. No special training required on the Lawson Automatic or expensive installation costs. The automatic Trooper is affordable, simple, safe and requires little maintenance. It is practical automation and affordable technology combined. Basic, XL and PC Models available in all sizes and configurations

Standard Features

Standard Features

  • Modular Design
  • Flex-Print Heads
  • Print Stroke: 18"
  • Double-Stroke - Head #1
  • Front Micro-Registration
  • Rear Micro (side motion)
  • Auto-Balance Squeegee
  • Manual or Auto Frames
  • Dual-Registeration Bearings
  • Adjustable Print Stroke
  • Individual Head Control
  • Set-Up Mode
  • Adj. Print & Flood Speeds
  • Adj. Print & Flood Angles
  • Off-Contact Adjustments
  • Adjustable Height Platens
  • Platen Size:16" x 18"
  • Bi-Directional Manual Carousel
  • Screens up to 23" x 31"
  • 11 Foot Diameter
  • 2 Yr Limited Warranty
  • 120v Plug-In Wiring
  • Air Required (not supplied)


8-Station = 11 feet
10-Station = 12 feet
12-Station = 13.5 feet

Optional Features

Optional Features

  • Standard/Basic Configuration: The operator rotates the easy-to-spin-carousel manually, and then presses the foot pedal. The carousel lifts into register and the print heads automatically print. The optional Shuttle Flash is operated by a seperate foot pedal.

  • XL Option Package: The XL Option Package includes: Automatic Carousel Indexing - Foot Pedal Start, Shuttle Flash Integration, Integrated Shuttle Flash Ports (2) and PLC diagnostic

  • PC Option Package: The PC Option Package includes: everything the XL has PLUS Aluminum Platens, Double Print controls for each individual print head, load-in/load/out feature, dwell cycle timer, a variety of special flashing programs, and a Touch Screen Control Center.

  • Standard/Basic Configuration
  • XL Option Package
  • PC/Deluxe Option Package
  • Additional Print Head(s)
  • Multiple Head Double Stroke
  • Air Compressor
  • QZE Quarts Shuttle Flash Unit
  • I.R. Hot-Shot Shuttle Flash
  • Modular Head Pre-Wire
  • Rubber Platen Pads
  • Additional Dual-Action Squeegees
  • Frame Air-Clamps
  • Youth Platens
  • Sleeve Platens
  • Jacket Hold Down
  • Speed Platen System
  • Companion Bag Take-Off
  • Export Electrics
  • Site Training
  • Optional Equalizer Print Head

Pricing Starts At:
4-Color; 8-Station $15,650

6-Color; 8-Station $18,140

8-Color; 10-Station XL $28,010

Reasons to Buy

Reasons To Buy

  • Simple and Easy to Use - Peace of Mind
    The Lawson Trooper is the easiest-to-use automatic press on the market. Intuitive and simple controls combined with standard parts add to minimal maintenance and low cost. No gimmicky bells & whistles and fancy computer systems.
  • Use Your Existing T-Shirt Frames
    Use any size frame up to 23" x 31"...even your old manual frames fit the Trooper auto. (Print sizes may vary)
  • Front and Rear Micro-Registration
    Lawson includes both front and rear micro-registration. Rear micro-registration is essential for critical registration and fast set-up. Don't be fooled by competitors who say it is not necessary.
  • Auto-Balance Squeegee System
    Lawson's unique squeegee system automatically balances squeegee pressure from side-to-side, front-to-back and instantly adjusts itself to variations in garment thickness and platen heights.
  • Dual-Action Squeegee
    The Trooper uses a simple, easy to adjust, dual-action (flip-flop) aluminum squeegee holder.
  • Double Print
    The Trooper automatic allows you to simulate manual printing where you desire a double print stroke on Print Head #1.
  • Flex-Head Design
    Choose the placement of your print heads where you desire. For example, move Print Head #1 to Station #8 and you can print up to 6-colors and utilize a Flash Unit... without losing the use of the head.
  • Boom Control Box
    Lawson's rotating Boom Control Box is within easy view and reach of the operator. It is easily positioned anywhere the operator desires.
  • The Equalizer
    The Lawson Equalizer (patent pending) adds new versatility to your automatic by adding an extra print head, without losing your load/un-load station. This unique concept Saves Space, for those who need it! For example, you can now have a 6-Color; 6-Station automatic (Mini-Trooper) or an 8-Color; 8-Station automatic or even a 10-Color; 10-Station automatic (Trooper). The Lawson Equalizer Print Head is a clamshell design that pivots up and down automatically in sync with the print cycle of the press. When not in use, the head stays in the up position. Note: This option must be added at time of original purchase.
  • Shuttle Flash Capability
    The Trooper is designed to accommodate Lawson's unique QZE-Shuttle Flash Unit. This allows you the ability to flash as many colors as necessary, without losing the use of the print head! When the head is raised, and while you are unloading/loading, the Shuttle Flash automatically positions itself over the printed garment, flashes based on the temperatures and dwell time you set, and then returns to its resting/home position during the next print cycle.
  • Design it Your Way
    You can design your Trooper based on your specific print and flashing needs and add additional print heads as desired. Prices are very reasonable and structured on a modular basis.
  • Affordable and Best Value
    A bank loan for $10,000 at 10% interest is only $212.47 per month. That's only $10 per day. Even if you only print 200 shirts per month and only make a dollar a shirt, it's smart business to go automatic. What are you waiting for? Your banker will understand the return on investment.

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Max. Image Area 14" x 16" 18" x 16" 18" x 16" 18" x 16" 18" x 16"
Max. Frame Size 21" x 28" 23" x 31" 23" x 31" 23" x 31" 23" x 31"
Std. Platen Size 16" x 18" 16" x 18" 16" x 18" 16" x 18" 16" x 18"
Diameter 8' 4" 10' 8" 10' 8" 12' 12'
Electrical Requirements 110 volts,
110 volts,
110 volts,
110 volts,
110 volts,
Air Requirements @ 100 psi 10 cfm 17 cfm 16 cfm 18 cfm 18 cfm
Est. Crated Weight - lbs 1,000 1,900 1,900 2,200 2,200
Est. Crate Size (W x L x H) 84" x 96" x 60" 49" x 120" x 70" 49" x 120" x 70" 49" x 120" x 70" 49" x 120" x 70"

Flash Units

Flash Units

Quartz Shuttle Flash QZE-Quartz Shuttle Flash

Lawson's Quartz Shuttle Flash is designed specifically to use in conjunction with the automatic Lawson Trooper series of screen printing presses, although it may be used with almost any printing press -- manual or automatic. It saves space and energy. Quartz tubes heat instantly and flashes faster, doesn't heat up your platens as much as IR, runs smoother, quieter and requires little maintenance.

The Shuttle Flash moves "straight in" on rails and slides under your screen so you don't have to sacrifice a print head if you flash. It may be activated via Lawson's "Auto-trigger" device or by a manually actuated foot pedal (your choice).

Hot Shot IR Shuttle Flash Hot Shot IR Shuttle Flash

Lawson's Hot-Shot IR Shuttle Flash is designed specifically to use in conjunction with Lawson automatic textile presses, although it may be used with almost any printing press--manual or automatic.

This shuttle flash unit saves space, and is easy to roll around. The infra-red panel heats evenly and flashs faster, than most units. In addition, you will not heat up your platens as much as a conventional IR unit. The Hot-Shot runs smooth, is very quiet and requires almost no maintenance.

The Hot-hot Shuttle Flash moves "straight in" on rails and slides under your screen so you don't have to sacrifice a print head if you flash.


Equipment Images

Squeegee Speed Controls Up-Front Variable Flood & Squeegee Speed Controls are easy to access and adjust on each individual print head.

Standard "off-the-shelf" parts are used whenever possible - so your maintenance life is simple and inexpensive as possible.
Modular Press Print Heads

Trooper with Modular Print Heads.

This photo also shows the upfront, easy to use Micro-Registration and Off-Contact adjustment.

This photo also show the optional Speed Rails (i.e. side screen clamps)

Front & Rear Screen Clamps

Trooper can be ordered with standard front & rear frame clamps or optional Speed Rails.

This photo also shows the optional Speed Rails (i.e. side screen clamps).

Automatic Press Sgueegee

Lawson's Auto-Balance Squeegee System automatically equalizes and balances the squeegee pressure on both the left and right side of the squeegee.

Pressure adjustmensts are quick and easy as the squeegee is automatically balanced.

Screen Printing Frame Clamps Shown with Optional Air Frame Clamps.
Automatic Screen Printing Press Registration Gate

Trooper Registration Gate is on each print head to ensure pin-point registration.

Lawson offers the only 7 Year Registration Warranty in the industry!

Automatic Screen Printing Press: Trooper Head Bridge Support

Optional Trooper Head Bridge Support Frame

Designed to bolt to the floor, this print head support stablizer makes the print head "rock solid", like many larger and much more expensive automatics.

Only $175.00 per print head.