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    Proton Manual T-Shirt Press - Textile Screen Printing Machine

Proton Manual T-Shirt Press


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Lawson's All New Proton is a completely modular t-shirt, garment, textile printing press. Great as a bench or floor model t-shirt printer, this industrial-duty "best-in-class" screen printing press can start as a 1-color and be expanded up to 4-colors. The Lawson Proton can also start as a 1-station printing press and be expanded to a 4-station speed carousel rotary screen printer.

In addition, the Lawson Proton will save you space and money with its compact, portable and modular design. Unlike some of our screen print competitors, you'll find the Lawson Proton has many of the features of more expensive screen printing presses like the Lawson HD-MAX, yet is specifically designed for the budget-consious t-shirt printer.

Its all-steel construction and sturdy mechanical components make the Proton a great press for the new start-up shop, prototype department, school, event printer, or as a production t-shirt printer. It's small and light enough for one person to move anywhere it's needed.

The main difference between the Lawson Proton and more expensive manual textile presses is simply its price. Buy the Lawson Proton if you want a great rear-clamp t-shirt printer...and if you want to save money and space without sacrificing quality. Lots of optional features are available so you can customize the Proton to suit your specific textile screen printing needs.

Standard Proton t-shirt printers:
  • 1-Color, 1-Platen
  • 2-Color, 2-Platen
  • 4-Color, 2-Platen
  • 4-Color, 4-Platen

Standard Features

  • Totally Modular/Expandable Design
  • Standard Bench or Optional Floor Model
  • Rear Clamp Design with Adjustable Height & Angle
  • Roller-Bearing Registration
  • All-Steel Platen(s)
  • All-Steel Construction
  • Adjustable Spring Tension
  • Adjustable Slide Platen
  • Quick-Change Platen System
  • Frame Clamping Bar
  • Wide Screen Width Up To 23"
  • Minor Assembly Required
  • 1-Year Comprehensive Parts Warranty
  • Ships via UPS/FedEx

   4-Color, 4-Station Rotary is only 6' in diameter

Optional Features

  • Lifetime Parts Warranty
  • Industrial Floor Stand with Leveling
  • Rubber-Surface Platens
  • Cap Attachment
  • Jacket Attachment
  • Specialty Platens
  • 3-Point On-Press Screen Registration
  • Adjustable Side Clamps with Micro-Registration. Easy-to-use movement. Position the screen where you want by simply moving side and rear knobs, and then locking the screen in place. 
  • Cap Attachment "J" Style: This cap attachment features a bill-locator, plate grid and side plates for easy cap alignment.
  • Cap Attachment "L" Style: Cap plate flattens the cap panel for fast cap placement and printing. The 3-sided screen frame is easy to shoot and requires no special equipment to make or use.
  • Jacket Hold-Down: Slide-on attachment that pivots for fast jacket loading, printing, and removal. Adjustable for shell or pile jackets. Also comes with special jacket platen for smooth, distortion-free printing.
  • Vacuum System: Convert your printer to produce bumper stickers, heat transfers, posters, decals and more. Easy to attach, the unit comes complete with vacuum pump. Table and foot switch. Vacuum area = 13" x 20".
  • Platens: Shirts, Sleeves, Legs, Pockets, Caps
  • Child Size: 9" x 21"
  • Youth: 11" x 21"
  • Adult: 14" x 21"
  • X-Large: 16" x 21"
  • Single Sleeve: 4" x 24"
  • Double Sleeve: 4" x 24"
  • Single Leg: 9" x 36"
  • View Photo Gallery

    • Proton 4-Color; 4-Station Rotary Bench Model
      Proton #44 Bench Model Unit shown with optional Screens. This overall photo show the portable and compact size of the Lawson Proton.
    • Proton #44 Floor Model
      This photo shows the optional Floor Stand. Notice the solid base, large leveling feet and stable platform allows the user great stability. The floor stand can be shipped fully assembled (no extra charge) or "knocked down" for UPS/FedEx Ground Shipping. You can alsdo just start with the Proton as a bench model, and Add the optional Floor Stand anytime you want.
    • Proton with Arrow Details
      Notice the many distincitive features of the Lawson Proton. Especially notice the 7-Year Registeration Warranty!!! The Proton can be shipped fully assembled, ready to print, at no extra assemble charge. When shipped fully assembled, the Proton will be secured to a shipping skid, and sent by Truck. Shipping/Freight charges are additional.
    • Proton Optional Floor Stabnd
      Proton Optional Floor Stand. This can be purchaed with the original Proton, or purchased later. The Floor Stand can be shipped fully assembled, or "knocked down" and shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground.
    • Proton Registration Gate
      Notice Lawson's exclusive eccentric, twin-roller registeration bearings, and massive registeration tab. Lawson offers a 7-Year Registeration Warranty on the Proton.
    • Proton All Heads Down
      This photo is demonstrating the All Heads Down Feature when the Proto is shipped fully assembled - at no extra charge.
    • Proton Rugged Head Deck Plate and Speed Carousel
      This photo shows the rugged Head Deck Plate, and rugged Speed Carousel. Also shown is the optional floor stand.
    • Proton Rear Frame Clamp - Close-Up
      The Lawson Proton features a rear frame clamping system, allowing the press operator adjustable off-contact, and adjustable frame angle. The Proto also features and "clamp stablization system" that keeps the rear clamp from becoming distorted when clamping down on the screen frame.
    • Proton Floor Stand Close-Up - Large Leveling Feet
      The optional floor stand comes with Large Leveling Feet that are easy to adjust to any floor condition.
    • Here is the Proton rear frame clamping system. Notice the screen-frame clamping bar, equalizing the downward force across the frame.
    • Proton #42 with Floor Stand
      This is the Proton #42 - a 4-Color; 2-Station printer with a speed carousel that manual rotates if you desire for flash curing. You can also use this configuration and have 2 people printing at the same time.
    • Proton #41 with Floor Stand
      Here is the Proton #41, shown with the optional floor stand. You can add additional print stations anytime you want...they simple bolt in place, and there is not need for additional machine registeration. The print heads are already registered at the factory, and are independent of the speed carousel.
    • Proton 4-Color; 4-Station Rotary Bench Model
    • Proton #44 Floor Model
    • Proton with Arrow Details
    • Proton Optional Floor Stabnd
    • Proton Registration Gate
    • Proton All Heads Down
    • Proton Rugged Head Deck Plate and Speed Carousel
    • Proton Rear Frame Clamp - Close-Up
    • Proton Floor Stand Close-Up - Large Leveling Feet
    • Proton #42 with Floor Stand
    • Proton #41 with Floor Stand


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