Learn How T-Shirts Are Printed

  • Paper Positive for T-Shirt Stencil
    1. You or your customer create art with a computer and print it on special paper or film in a laser or Inkjet printer.
  • Paper Positive Mounted on the Screen
    2. Attach the positive to a coated screen with removable Scotch™ tape.
  • Expose the Screen with the Paper Positive
    3. Expose the stencil with Ultra-violet light..
  • Washout the un-exposed Emulsion
    4. Washout the unexposed areas with warm water.
  • Mount the screen onto the screen printing press
    5. Mount the screen in a press where you want the image to print on the shirt.
  • Load ink into the screen
    6. Add ink.
  • Load a t-shirt onto the platen
    7. Load shirt squarely on the printing platen.
  • Print the stencil onto the t-shirt
    8. Print with the squeegee.
  • Uload the t-shirt from the platen
    9. Remove the shirt.
  • Cure the ink onto the t-shirt using a flash unit or conveyor dryer
    10. Heat the shirt and ink to 320°F.
  • Pack the finished t-shirts to be shipped
    11. Neatly fold and pack shirts in boxes.

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