How to Print a Screen Printing Film Positive

  • Use an Epson P-800 inkjet printer or Epson T3270 with AccuRIP and Corel Draw to easily create a film positive. In this video Andy from Lawson Screen and Digital covers the steps to print a film positive with an Epson T3270, AccuRIP, and Corel Draw.

    The Epson T3270 is large format printer used for film positives. Capable of printing up to 24" wide. It is a great screen printing machine for screen printers looking to produce high-quality dark and dense film positives. With the AccuRIP program, and Epson's specialized black dye ink, your film positives will have excellent UV-blocking characteristics for when it comes time to expose your image. Help eliminate pinholes and create the best screen print frames to help speed up your silk screen printing process.

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    Epson SureColor P-800 for film positives inkjet printer is designed for the screen printer. An easy to use film output printer that uses unique Epson print heads, produces the most dense and darkest film positives. With the P-800, you no longer have to use an all-black system or darken your transparency. The P-800 is backed by Epson's unrivaled warranty. The Epson P800 uses rolls of Water Resistant Inkjet Film or sheets.

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    Lawson Water-Proof Inkjet Film Positives for Pigment or Dye-based Ink comes in sheets and rolls. It is a specially coated 5mil clear film that absorbs pigment and dye inkjet ink, and controls the shape of fine lines and half tone dots. Lawson's inkjet transparency film is the best way to create dark and dense transparencies for perfect screen exposure.

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