HD-MAX Screen Printing Press Testimonials

"We loved the tour of the Lawson factory – it was amazing to see all that you do there.

We made it back home safely and got our new Lawson Equipment set-up, leveled and ready to print. Looking forward to printing and making some money with my new HD-MAX. It will be soooooo nice to print in registration!

Thanks again."

Matt's Supply Co.
Fulton, MS

Customer Testimonial - HD Max Manual"I purchased a Lawson HD manual press out of convenience. I was blown away as soon as I put it on the floor. In the last year I regretfully admit that we purchased 4 very well known manufacturers' manual presses and did not realize until we received our Lawson press that they just cannot compete. We run four automatics and five manuals, 5-6 days a week, 8+ hours a day, so I told Brian to insure that his Lawson press could keep up with our production needs. It has exceeded our expectations and I will only buy Lawson manuals from here on out. My only problem now is to figure out what I am going to do with all of our non-Lawson manual presses once I bring in all of the new HD's."

Terry Keeven
St. Louis Print Co.
Saint Louis, MO

"I have been using the Lawson HD Series of printers since 1986. In fact, I own 4 of them. They hold terrific registration, are easy to set-up and I've never had any trouble with the press. Thanks Lawson...you are great to work with."

Brian Lang - Blue Duck Screen Printing
St. Louis, MO

"The HD Max Auto is our new best friend. Skeptical at first of the real advantages of an semi-automatic manual press, I bought it based on Lawson’s reputation. This press has made a really great printer into a superstar. The production on a manual press has increased almost 30%. Print/flash/print jobs as well as multi color jobs utilize this press the best. Printers may slow as the day progresses but this press just keeps on going. The Lawson HD Max Auto is almost like having an additional automatic press. It is allowing us to take the smaller 100-300 piece runs off the automatic without sacrificing production. Freeing the automatic capacity up for larger runs. Thanks for convincing me to give this press a try. You guys are the best."

Keith - Charlotte T-Shirt Authority
Charlotte, NC

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