Trooper Testimonials

"We've been a Lawson customer since 1990. As our company grew, we continued buying Lawson equipment. From flash units to exposure units to presses and dryers, we have chosen Lawson because of performance, value and service. They treat us right, care about us and we love their turnkey support. It's no surprise that Lawson has been around since 1949!

I own both an 8-Color and a 6-Color Lawson Trooper, along with their Shuttle Flash and other screen printing equipment."

Chuck Holloway - Ink Slinger Studios
Upland, CA

"We bought our first Lawson automatic in 2000, and it's been a real Trooper. It gave us the quality and production we needed to build our business. And it's so simple that we can train anybody to run it - even high school kids, friends and family on the weekend, etc."

Dale Tosh - The Cubby Hole
Carlinville, IL

"The Lawson Trooper XL 68 was easily the best purchase I have made in my lifetime. The amount of high quality garments we can turn out in a regular 40 hour week is amazing. I am the least mechanical person I know and with the help of Lawson's wonderful service depart I've been able to turn a dream into a reality. My sales representative is second to none and calls to check in at least two times a week to make sure everything is running smoothly and we are still happy with their product. Any problems we have had have been an easy fix and after a short time the machine is fool proof.

We have both an automatic and a manual press and I am confident without the automatic we would never keep up with the amount of orders we take. When you can kick out a 500 shirt order (on a dark colored shirt) and have it boxed and out the door in 3 hours, you realize the machine is paying for itself. I started the business in June of '06 with the automatic and I wouldn't change a thing. We will be looking to buy another one next year.

If you have any questions feel free to call me personally....ask Andy B. to give you my number. I'll be lifetime Lawson customer as they just offer too nice of products and the best service I could ask for!"

Jared Kleinmeyer - Elite Sports
Williamsburg, IA

“When I was searching for an automatic press in 2005 I had contacted a number of companies and was met with the same old salesman’s pitch….”I’ll send you some information, If you have any questions, call”. But when I contacted Lawson I was invited to their headquarters in St Louis by Andy and was able to see their products in action. I was given a tour of their showroom and factory and was able to see a number of machines in various stages of production and was introduced to a number of their workers. At Lawson I was treated more like a friend than a customer.

Needless to say, I purchased a 6 color Trooper and its performance is better than I ever expected. The set-up, micro registration and operation have been smooth and flawless. The after sales support has been outstanding! Any problems, mostly operator error, have been corrected quickly and the ability to get in touch with a tech 24/7 gives me peace of mind.

The Trooper was easy to set up, in fact my 10 and 13 year old boys assembled the machine…I just sat back and supervised. The Trooper is also easy to operate, my 9 year old daughter loves to help and when I’m called away to the phone she often jumps in to help.

With the automatic Trooper I have increased my production 10 fold and have been able to outbid and out produce my competition. If you are searching for an automatic…look no further than the Trooper the product and the support cannot be simple even a child can use it.”

Mark Emmons - You Serve Screen Printing
Paducah, KY

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