Lawson's Extra Value Package:
Epson F2000 Special Program Details

Lifetime Training at Our Showroom - even for new employees
Yes, it's true. You will receive Lifetime training for your EPSON F2000 at our St. Louis training facility. All you have to do is schedule the training class, show-up and learn!

Lifetime Discount on select Lawson Pre-Treat Sprayers
Yes it's true. If you purchase an Epson F2000 from Lawson, you are entitled to a discount on the Lawson Zoom, or Zoom XL or another Lawson Pre-Treat Sprayer of your choice.

Trade-In, Trade-Up Program
Yes, it's true. As part of our Extra Value Package, we will guarantee buy-back of your EPSON F2000 (if you paid $19,995.00) and kept the unit under EPSON Warranty at all times for up to three (3) Years. This exclusive Lawson offering allows you to trade-in your EPSON F2000 towards one of our larger, higher-speed, more expensive Diamond-Jet/DTG printers. Here's how the trade-in program works: Year 1: 75%; Year 2: 50%; Year 3: 40%.  You can even trade-in the F2000 on a complete screen print Professional or Automatic Package as well.



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