Critical Aspects of DTG Pre-Treatment

Locking In Pretreat DTG

The world of direct-to-garment, D2G Printing, focuses on improvements. Locking your image in the DTG printing process is a crucial step. We did an exclusive with Printwear magazine article to about direct-to-garment pre-treat solution.

As featured in the June 2017 issue of Printwear magazine

Developments in technology like white ink and print heads often garner all the attention. This is to the detriment of critical, but unsexy topics like proper pretreat.

Dismissing proper techniques puts you at a disadvantage as this is a crucial stage of the D2G Printing process that can make or break your final print. To use an analogy of building a house, pretreat is your foundation; everything else is built on it. Maximizing your color brilliance and achieving the best washfastness starts with proper application. Furthermore, it can be an unglamorous portion of D2, but nothing else will go right if this step is incorrectly done. To create shirts that mesmerize customers, start with a solid foundation.

Locking In Your Image: The Critical Aspects of D2G Printing Pretreatment

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