Measuring for a Dryer Belt Replacement

How To Measure For A Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer

For all screen printers, there will come a time when you need to replace your conveyor dryer belt. Just like you want quality screen printing equipment from a reputable source, replacement tunnel belts should be purchased correctly. To do so, it is critically important that the measurement is right. Here are the three (3) basic ways for measuring the overall length of your dryer belt when ordering a replacement conveyor belt.

1) Ask the manufacturer of your dryer how long your belt is for replacement purposes. That is to say, ask the silk screen equipment manufacturer: “What is the overall length of my dryer belt - not my dryer?” If you have purchased additional in-feed or out-feed, or have made modifications on your own, make sure you let the manufacturer know this information. Typically, a standard size belt will be a few inches longer than double the conveyor dryers length. For example, an 8 foot dryer might have a belt that is 16 feet, 3 inches (195” overall).

2) Measure your existing screen printing conveyor belt length. If the information from the manufacturer is not available, the next best way to determine the exact length of your belt is to remove the belt and lay it flat on the floor. Next, simply measure its length. Measuring your dryer belt this way will give you an exact measurement to tell your screen print supplier.

If you do not want to remove your screen printing dryer belt, use the “String Method.” Following this procedure to measure your screen printing conveyor tunnel dryer belt is relatively easy. Follow the simple step-by-step procedure below.

  1. Take a ball of string (twine) and tie it around one of the laced openings.
  2. Run the dryer belt until the initial knot appears. Make sure the twine/string is pulled taught, and then cut the twine/string so you have a complete loop.
  3. Measure the length of the string. This is the length of your dryer belt.

Choosing any of these methods to measure for a replacement screen printing conveyor tunnel dryer belt will provide a good result. There may be times when you have a small hole in your belt that does not require a total replacement. In that case, you can just use a conveyor belt repair kit. To order a replacement belt, or if you have questions, click here, call (314) 382-9300, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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