Epson Storage Guide

Tips for Storing Your Epson F2100 DTG Printer When Not Printing

Most, if not all, printing businesses are experiencing a downturn in orders. If you are going through this right now, know you are not alone. Below are some tips on how to properly store your direct-to-garment printer when it might not be in use for awhile. You can also print a copy of these tips from our Epson F2100 Printer Long Term Stroage Instructions PDF, and store them for future reference.

Follow these guidelines if you need to store your printer for a long period:

  • If the printer is not used for an extended period of time, place the printer into storage mode. If the printer is stored without performing this operation, the print head nozzles may become clogged.
  • We recommend that you print once a week if the printer is not used for a long time without performing the prolonged storage operation.
  • If you do not use the printer for a long time, make sure you perform a nozzle check before printing. If clogged nozzles are detected, clean the suction/cleaning cap and then clean the print head.
  • Even if the printer is not turned on, ink that has accumulated in the waste ink tubes may leak out. Make sure the waste ink bottle is installed even when the printer is not on.
  • Make sure that the print head has been capped (the print head is positioned on the right side) before storing the printer. If an error occurs and the printer is turned off without first resolving the error, the print head may not be capped on the right side, which causes the print head to dry out. If this occurs, turn on the power until capping is performed automatically.
  • Close all the covers on the printer to prevent dust and debris from getting in. If the printer will be not be used for an extended period of time, protect it with an anti-static cloth or other cover. The print head nozzles can become clogged if dust gets on the print head, and you may not be able to print properly.

Storing the Epson F-2100 DTG Printer:
If you will not use the printer for an extended period of time with the power off, you must properly prepare it for storage. You must change the ink cartridges to cleaning cartridges if the planned period of non-operation is one month or more.

Caution: If you do not change the ink cartridges to cleaning cartridges before storing the printer, it may be impossible to clear clogs in the print head when the printer is turned back on.

Before you begin the storage operation, gather the necessary number of cleaning cartridges and two waste ink bottles. You may need new cleaning cartridges depending on the amount of solution remaining.

1. Turn on the printer.
2. Press the maintenance button.
The Mainenance menu appears.
3. Press the up or down arrow button to highlight Storage Mode, and press the right arrow button to select it.
4. Press the up or down arrow button to highlight Yes, and press the OK button.
5. Replace the ink cartridges with cleaning cartridges. When you finish replacing the cartridges, a message appears on the control panel telling you to replace the waste ink bottle.
6. Dispose of the waste ink.
7. Turn off the printer for storage.
8. When you turn on the printer after the storage period, follow the instructions on the control panel to install the ink cartridges.

Supplies needed:

Maintaining the print head cleaning cap is essential for ensuring long-term reliability of the print head. This simple maintenance should be completed using only the specific components of the kit. One kit is included with the printer. It is recommended to have a spare kit on hand.


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