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All the Things You Can Do With A Heat Press:

Best Uses for Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Vinyl, Screen Printed Transfers, Direct to Garment (DTG) & Sublimation

A heat press machine is a diverse tool for anyone that sells t shirts, garments, or any type of decorated promotional items. Heat press machines allows you a wider variety of options to print on. No matter whether you screen print heat transfers, do vinyl transfers, sublimation, or DTG, your heat press is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you own. At a variety of different prices, they are affordable and don’t take up much space. In fact, every printer should have one, whether you are a hobby printer or a high volume business. We’ve listed a few of the most common ways to make money on your heat press.

Printing small orders

  • Print and produce small, personalized orders. Think of all the local companies who would want custom promotional products. You can add employees’ names to uniforms, design event specific t shirts, merchandise and more. The heat transfer press can print on a variety of materials like cotton, satin or strong materials like ceramics and synthetic materials like spandex
  • For direct-to-garment printing, pair your DTG Printer with a heat press at events to print out custom made t-shirts at the event location.
  • Use heat transfer vinyl or screen printed transfers to gain repeat orders. It's easier to get more business from an existing customer than from a new one. By offering to have the customer’s design saved and to print on a need basis, they will buy again from you for repeat orders. You can keep the transfer on hand since it takes up much less room than a screen does. This also creates a fast turnover.
  • Other items that you don’t print as often, such as hats or mugs, can be done with a heat press too! There are special presses and platens made just for these items that work great.

Drying and Curing Screen Prints and Direct to Garment (DTG) Items

  • Prevent ink from washing out of garments and being returned by the customer with the help of a heat transfer press. Dry and finish curing screen print plastisol ink that is undercured.
  • The heat press is an essential part of direct-to-garment printing. Curing DTG pretreatment solution and ink can be done with a heat press machine. Also, the press will also flatten stray fibers from the garment before printing. This will give you a smoother print.

The heat press can do something for every type of t-shirt printer. It’s an essential tool whether you’re dealing exclusively with heat transfers, DTG print, or you do a little of everything. Now the only choice to make is which press is right for you! If you don’t already have a heat press in your shop, consider the popular Geo. Knight DK20 Digital Clamshell Press or a similar heat press for sale.

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