Increasing Screen Printing Business

On July 25, 2017 David Landesman, Lawson Screen and Digital Products' Co-President, and Taylor Landesman, Lawson's VP, were guests on Printavo's podcast.

Title How Lawson Screen & Digital Products Carved Out Their Niche", this episode includes an exclusive on what makes Lawson Screen & Digital Products tick. In this podcast, David and Taylor discuss the screen printing business and discuss how printers of every level can go about increasing screen printing business. Bruce Ackerman from Printavo's Simple Shop Management Software met Taylor at the Chicago DAX show. He invited David and Taylor to come on the podcast and talk about Lawson Screen and Digital Products, Inc. From questions to how Lawson got it's start, to what are some future intentions for the company, this podcast digs deep into what makes Lawson stand out from others in the screen printing and DTG manufacturing business.

This podcast is listed in the business lessons section on Printavo's website with the title "How Lawson Screen & Digital Products Carved Out Their Niche".


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