Over 60 Years of Garment Printing Excellence

As a relatively new Lawson Associate, I decided to look around and do a little research on the history of the company and the co-presidents (David and Ben). I was pleasantly surprised to find just how important these guy have been. This week, I decided to gather the various awards that are placed around the building, and put them all together. The result is very impressive. I found out that Co-Presidents, David and Ben Landesman, have been heavily involved in the screen and imaging industry ever since they were young boys. They used to work on Saturday's, during school breaks and during the Summer too with their father, Gene. David said, "What could be more fun than building stuff? Why sit at home doing nothing all summer?" As young adults, David and Ben have served on numerous SGIA committees, participated in countless Association studies, spoke at many industry events, and have been attending the SGIA convention since the early 60's.David currently serves on the SGIA Board of Directors.

David and Ben's involvement in the industry have made them the perfect duo for many industry awards (shown above). These include the Parmele Award, Magnus Award, Award of Excellence, The Fellows Award, Outstanding Service Award, and many others.

Lawson Promotes forward thinking/printing technologies and processes while contributing to the Specialty Imaging industry's overall growth.

Most importantly, is that after decades of pioneering the automated press and developing energy-efficient drying systems, they are still around to serve our longtime customers. The business is stronger than ever and delivering screen printing materials and supplies still decades later.

As a new associate, I quickly found that Lawson is a company of people who care. Lawson cares for both it's staff and their customers! It's great to be part of the team.


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