Computer to Screen Wax-Jet Printer - Screen Printing Machine

CTS Wax-Jet Printer

The CTS Wax-Jet Printer uses phase change inkjet head technology to provide unequaled print quality, and imaging speed in a dependable production system. With high resolution print head technology with smaller drop size, achieve imaging half tone frequencies up to 75 dpi.

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Unequaled Print Quality

    Optimize image quality without compromising on throughput and consumable cost. This digital machine will provide you with faster turnaround times with reduced exposure times, no image distortion, and less handling. The Wax-Jet cuts labor costs and requires no film. This computer-to-screen eliminates films and becomes an integral part of the digital workflow.

  • Standard Features

    • Print Head technology with phase-change solid ink (wax)
    • PC intuitive operating controls
    • Compatible with any RIP 
    • Air Clamp Assembly 
    • Foot switch (On CTS52)

    Optional Features

    • Foot Switch (On CTS30)
    • 4-Head Production Print System (installation required)
    • View Detailed Specifications

      Workstation Operating Systems MAC, PC, UNIX
      Native Application Software Typical imaging software using Postscript file format:
      Photoshop, QuarkXPress, ect.
      RIP Type Software
      Processor Speed and Type Pentium (avavilable in Intel
      Hard Drive Size Variable depending on requirements
      RAM (MB) Variable depending on requirements
      RIP Manufacturer Any 1bit TIFF output
      Screening Traditional, frequency modulated (FM)
      Readaable Formats Postscript Level 3, EPS, TIFF, Gerber
      Imaging Technology Solid Ink, phase-change ink jet
      LPI Halftone Capability 75/100 lpi
      Resolution DPI 600 - 100 dpi
      Network Ethernet (standard) or custom
      Ink Type Water dispersible photo resist
      Screen to Screen Registration Approx. 1/1000 inch
      Imaging Speed (m2/h) Approx. 3.5 m2/h @ 1000 dpi
      Approx. 10 m2/h @ 600 dpi
      ModelCTS 30CTS 50CTS 52Units
      Max Media 25 x 36
      64 x 91
      54 x 38
      137 x 97
      54 x 46
      137 x 117
      inch (w,h)
      Max Image Size 20 x 30
      51 x 76
      50 x 30
      127 x 76
      50 x 40
      127 x 102
      Size 37 x 49 x 68
      79 x 124 x 172
      37 x 80 x 80
      79 x 203 x 203
      37 x 80 x 92
      79 x 203 x 234
      inch (d,w,h)
      cm (d,w,h)
      Crated Weight 800 1200 1200 lb
      Voltage 120/220 120/220 120/220 volts
      Hz/amp 50-60/15 50-60/15 50-60/15 Hz/amp
      Compressed air Required Required Required  

      *Free Ground Shipping on Parts; No Charge Labor for Items Sent Back to St. Louis for Repair or Replacement

      *Price, Design, and Technical Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

    • Top Frame Locks
    • CTS Bottom Frame Clamp
    • CTS Full View
    • CTS - Angle View
    • CTS RIP Software
    • Top Frame Locks

      Top Frame Locks

      Air Frame Clamping - fully adjustable.
    • CTS Bottom Frame Clamp

      CTS Bottom Frame Clamp

      Frame Positioning System - matches all 3-point registeration systems.
    • CTS Full View

      CTS Full View

      Full view of the Wax-Jet.
    • CTS - Angle View

      CTS - Angle View

      Showing the Wax-Jet from the right side angle.
    • CTS RIP Software

      CTS RIP Software

      Rip softwear is easy to use - best in class.
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