Dyno-Vac Vacuum Frame - Pre-Press & Auxiliary Exposure Units

Dyno-Vac Vacuum Frame

The Lawson Dyno-Vac is an excellent choice for making large screens. The freestanding vacuum frame tilts horizontally for easy screen loading, then tilts back vertically for exposure. The Dyno-Vac's powerful vacuum, with 1 horsepower instant-vac motor and black rubber-flex blanket, ensures immediate and flawless positive-to-stencil contact. Dyno-Vac Slant Both styles of Dyno-Vac are equipped with heavy-duty casters so they can easily move around your shop. In addition, the Dyno-Vac can be disassembled to move through narrow doorways.

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Larger Than Life Exposure

    We manufacture two different styles: A pivoting unit and a stationary/slant unit.

    Available Sizes:
    60" x 72"
    72" x 96"
    84" x 110"
    86" x 120"
    86" 180"

    Available Sizes:
    50" x 70"
    60" x 80"
    60" x 110"
    72" x 96"
    84" x 110"
    84" X 120"

  • Standard Features

    • Heavy-Duty Floor Model
    • Steel Casters
    • Multi-Channel Vacuum Chamber
    • 1-1/4-Horsepower Vacuum
    • Instant Vacuum Draw-Down
    • Non-Reflective Blanket
    • Rubber-Flex, Self-Forming Vacuum Blanket
    • Hydraulic Gas Lifter
    • Detachable Frame (fits through most doors)
    • Easy-Pivot, Ball-Bearing Rotation System
    • Manual Frame Lock
    • Photo-Select Plate Glass
    • 120-Volt, Standard Plug-In Wiring

    Optional Features

    • External light source (5,000 or 8,000 watts)
  • Coming Soon
  • Dyno-Vac Vacuum Frame - Pre-Press & Auxiliary Exposure Units
    Dyno-Vac Frame
  • Coming Soon

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