Platens for Manual Screen Printing Presses

We offer our platens in an assortment of shapes & sizes that fit all Lawson manual printing presses. We have platens that fit all current model printing presses and also platens that fit all our older model presses as well.

We also can make custom platens to your specifications.

T-Shirt Platens

T-shirt Platens for Screen Printing Press Child: 9" x 21" (wt. = 3.8 lbs)*
Youth: 11" x 21"(wt. = 4.8 lbs)*
Adult: 14" x 21"(wt. = 5.7 lbs)*
X-Large: 16" x 21"(wt. = 7.0 lbs)*
Single Sleeve: 4" x 24" with slip tube
Double Sleeve: 4" x 24"(x2)
Single Leg: 9" x 36"

* Can be purchased without the neck.

Lawson "L" Style Cap Platen

L-Style Cap Screen Printing Platen

Jacket Holddown: 16" x 16"

Jacket Holddown Platen Attachement

Specialty Pocket &
Sleeve Platen

Pocket and Sleeve Platen on a Rectangular Slip Tube

3.5" x 9" - Shown here mounted on a rectangular slip tube.

Pocket Attachment

Pocket and Sleeve Attachment

Print area is 3.5" x 5.5"

Vacuum Platen

Vacuum Platen

XL Sleeve Platen

XL Sleeve Platen    XL Sleeve Platen with t-shirt

Koozie Platen

Three-Koozie Platen for screen printing

View of the Koozie Platen
Used for printing on up to three koozies (can coolers) at the same time.
Stock #705-351-1-EA

Rear Clamp

manual printing press hd max rear clamp adapter

Overall Back Platen - "Boy-Friend Jersey"

Platen with Shirt Platen without Shirt

Shown with a finished print.

$175.00 for platen; fits on Lawson Slip-Tube
Note: Must use Lawson Rear Clamps to hold oversize frame

Tag Platen

Tag Platen for screen printing: Step 1 Tag Platen for screen printing: Step 1 Tag Platen for screen printing: Step 1

View of the Tag Platen, used for branding the inside of a tagless t-shirt.

Lawson Printing Press Slip-Tube Styles

Rectangle Screen Printing Slip Tube Type

Rectangle Slip-Tube
(Standard Style)

Diamond Screen Printing Slip Tube Type

Diamond Slip-Tube
(Old Style Presses & 8-Color)

Quick-Change Screen Printing Slip Tube Type

Speed Platen Base
(Quick-Change Platens)

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