Pretreat Application and Use Instructions

General Information:

Our RFU (ready-for-use) formulas do not require any dilution – use full-strength, from the container.

Our Concentrate formulas you can use full-strength or dilute as desired up to 50%.

SHAKE the pretreat solution prior to use and before pouring into your pretreat sprayer.

If you “reclaim” any pretreat solution (not recommended) always strain to ensure no fibers, dirt, dust, or other contaminants remain in the solution.

Pretreat Application Instructions:

Apply the pretreat solution as evenly as possible across the image area. We recommend a professional pretreat spray device for best results.

Considerations and variables when determining how much pretreat solution to apply:

  • A good starting point is 1.5 – 1.7 grams per inch (based on a width of 16”). For example, if you are applying pretreat to a 16” wide x 20” long area, the amount of applied pretreat will be 30 – 34 grams for an average weight garment.
  • Always test to find your best operating procedures for your particular situation.
  • Heavier garments require more pretreat solution, and lighter garments require less. Likewise, darker colors require more pretreat than white and light colors. The weight of the garment itself and its construction is, perhaps, the most important variable to consider.
  • It is preferable to use a high quality, ring-spun garment, with a tight-knit weave. Remember, the smoother and tighter the weave of the garment, the better looking your DTG print will be.

Curing Instructions:

When using a Heat Transfer press to dry pretreat, DO NOT use a Teflon sheet or Silicone treated Parchment paper to protect the garment, and DO NOT clamp the heat transfer press too tight. Simply lower the heat press to lightly kiss the garment (light pressure), and use non-silicone treated parchment paper as a protective sheet. Press the garment for 5 – 10 seconds at 330°F (you will see the moisture still escaping from the side of the heat platen). Then lift the transfer platen, quickly remove the pretreat curing paper, and then press again for an additional 15 – 20 seconds with Heavy pressure.

Overall cure time is around 30 seconds – in stages (see above). If after 30 seconds there is still moisture trapped in the shirt, re-press in 10-second intervals until the garment is dry.

Pressure setting: You don’t need a lot of pressure for the initial press. Use light pressure to start (the kiss-method). Use heavy pressure on the final press, so you matte the fibers down and create a smooth printing surface.

Storage of Garments:

Shirts can be pretreated and stored in advance of printing. We suggest using the garment within 30 – 60 days of pretreat application.

Always re-press the garment for 10 seconds with light pressure just before printing to remove any moisture in the shirt, and to flatten any stray fibers. Shirts must be moisture-free before printing!

Note: Be careful not to degrade the pretreat application on the shirt by folding, bending, or scraping the print area where the pretreat solution is applied. Damage can occur to the thin film of pretreat solution, and you will be able to see variations where the pretreat application has been damaged. Remember, you want to print on a moisture-free, smooth image area.

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