LED-5000 Screen Printing Exposure Unit Demo

  • In this video, David Landesman demonstrates the Lawson LED-5000 screen printing exposure unit.

    The LED-5000 is a U.S.A manufactured screen printing machine that simulates a Metal Halide exposure. It uses state-of-the art technology to be energy efficient, easy to use, and remain reliable. The standard 24" x 31" model size is used, but larger models are available. The standard size LED-5000 exposure unit is great for screen printing frames up to 23" x 31".

    Inside of the unit are LED Everlast Lighting Strips (5000 watt metal-halide equivalent). Lawson Screen & Digital Products rises above the competition with the amount of lights used in this unit. The optional vacuum pump, as well as the optional floor stand is shown.

    The LED-5000 comes with an automatic digital count down timer, along with an easy to use control system. It ships fully assembled and includes a 3-Year LED warranty and a 1 year parts warranty. If you are looking for an alternative to expensive exposure units, but still demand hi-resolution halftone reproduction and sharp-edge definition, then the Lawson LED-5000 will serve your needs perfectly.

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