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Lawson Screen & Digital Products manufactures a full line of high quality exposure units that are perfect for home based screen printing businesses, big production shops and everything in-between. Find a screen printing exposure unit for your budget and production needs. All of the Lawson exposure units are engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Expose any size screen printing frame, any mesh, with any brand of liquid emulsion or capillary film. LED silk screen exposure units are great for increasing exposure speed to just a few seconds and saving money on electricity costs. Fluorescent tube exposure units are economical and a great option for garment printing on a tight budget. Metal halide exposure units are available for the most demanding screen and graphic applications.

Lawson also offers exposure units specifically made for computer-to-screen (CTS) imaged screens. Without glass between the LED bulbs and the screen printing frame, a CTS exposure unit creates a faster exposure, eliminates light refraction (bending) and reduces pinholes.

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