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multitech logoMulti-Tech manufacturers Screen Printing Plastisol Inks for textile applications. Plastisol inks are used in the screen printing process. Multi-Tech's plastisol screen printing inks have excellent opacity and are press-ready which makes them ideal for either hand or automatic textile screen printing.

Multi-Tech is going Phthalate-Free (technically called Non-Phthalate) on its entire product line. After thorough testing and analysis, print, flash and wash testing, Multi-Tech's non-phthalate formulations provide equal or better performance than Multi-Tech's classic series of ink products. Ink buckets and drums that are produced with non-phthalate plasticizers, will have an additional label stating that contents are phthalate-free. Currently all new production of white inks and all bases are non-phthalate formulations.

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